4 Tips & the Importance of Goal Setting for Jobseekers

December 5th, 2017 by ifi-admin

December is an off month in the realm of Human Resources. On one hand, employers who are deep in the hiring process may be anxious to close out open positions before the calendar year-end. On the other hand, it can be slow in terms of new openings because the majority of employers don’t want to start the interviewing and hiring process so close to the holidays. What’s a jobseeker to do? Review!

Research shows a direct correlation between goal-setting and success, and this fact holds true for your job search. People who set goals tend to be 60 – 80% more productive. Goal-setting is an important process for identifying how to get from “here” to “there” in your career.


Part 1: How to Review in Order to Revise or Define Career Goals

  1. Be Specific: If you’re looking to make a job move in the New Year, take stock of your past accomplishments, and write down the specific scenarios or activities you’ve enjoyed the most in your current role. Rank the elements you find the most satisfying about your work in order of preference. Create a list of talents that you’ve not been able to use and that you would like to incorporate into your next position. Imagine the type of position where you could spend the majority of your time doing the things you enjoy most.
  2. Examine Your Motivation: Are you bored in your current job? Is there conflict in your work environment? Do you feel that your true value has been unacknowledged, or that you haven’t had the opportunity to develop new skills through strategic risk-taking? Be certain you understand exactly why you’re looking for a new position, and what type of environment would produce the opportunity for satisfaction. Notice the things that have not worked well for you in past roles, and try to identify the source of dissatisfaction.
  3. Assess the Obstacles: Write a list of the obstacles you think keep you from finding your ideal career role. Will you have trouble finding time to conduct a job search? Is there additional education or certification you would need in order to move your career to the next level? Do you have difficulty getting past initial screening? Identifying the obstacles to your career goals will help pave the way to create a specific, concrete plan to execute. You cannot overcome obstacles if you’re not sure what they are.
  4. Brainstorm: You now should have a good idea of precisely what you want in your next job, why you want a change, and what type of environment would support this vision. You have a clear sense of obstacles to your success. Now brainstorm all the ways you might overcome the obstacles so that you’re ready for the next step in the process, which is to create your 2018 Career Growth plan.

Stay tuned for Part II of Goal-Setting tips to power your job search in the New Year.




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