7 Tips For Working With Recruiters

January 22nd, 2018 by ifi-admin

Man meeting with a talented IT job recruiter in the Delaware ValleyPhoenix Partners works with employers to find established and rising talent for their technical and IT roles. The companies who engage with us most commonly:

A) Have a sense of urgency in filling a position
B) Have not been successful finding qualified applicants
C) Have a position that requires specialized skills, typically in IT and Technology

Also, it’s not uncommon for us to work with our clients on an exclusive basis, and we frequently have access to positions that are not public, otherwise know as the “hidden marketplace.”

We establish relationships with our candidates by increasing their comfort level, confidentiality and respect. You can stay “top-of-mind” with a reputable recruiter by following these guidelines:

1. Commit to the Process: Consider using the services of a recruiter only if you have made a definite decision to pursue other opportunities. Begin by clearly communicating your strengths and experience and what you are looking for in a new position. Since we will work hard on your behalf, you must also commit to the interview process. For example, notify your recruiter immediately if you change your mind about an interview or cannot make the appointment.

2. Give References: Include three professional references when sending your resume to a recruiter. Providing references is a great way to increase the recruiter’s desire to represent you to his or her clients.

3. Transparency: Be straightforward when working with a recruiter. Let them know where you are in your job search process and if you have any concerns or issues along the way.

4. Ask Insightful Questions: Ask questions about a potential employer, its culture, the skills needed and why the position is available. The recruiter will recognize you as somebody who is serious about the potential job.

5. Share Salary Information: Recruiters need to have some idea of your salary expectations. Providing this information will help your recruiter match your salary with jobs that fit in that range.

6. Stay In Touch: Stay involved by contacting the recruiter with feedback on an interview or progress you’ve made on your own. Provide a list of companies that you have a strong interest in pursuing and also those you have interviewed with already, so that your recruiter doesn’t duplicate your efforts.

7. Explain Rejections: For jobs that you feel aren’t a good fit, explain your reasons in order to help the recruiter gain a clearer understanding of your preferences. If possible, recommend someone else for the jobs you turn down.

Initial questions to ask a recruiter before submitting your resume:

  • What is their specialty/niche?
  • How many years of experience in recruiting do they have?
  • Are their placements mostly local, regional, national?
  • How do they handle candidate confidentiality?
  • Do they meet with candidates in person or is everything done over the phone, by email or through video conferencing?
  • Does their company have a website?
  • What networks/associations do they belong to?

If you are feeling motivated to make a great career move in 2018, please feel free to Contact Us today and get started!

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