The Founder

web_2_Durkin1-240x300Kay Durkin, President and founder of Phoenix Partners, Inc., has been in the recruiting industry for over 20 years and in the technical community for most of her career. Trained as a biochemist, she spent her early years as a Senior Research Scientist at Glaxo-SmithKline and later became involved in the technical division of BioSciences Information Services, a scientific publisher, as Director of Product Marketing.

Ms. Durkin was a pioneer in the online information industry; as Vice President for Marketing at BRS, she managed all the worldwide marketing operations for the company’s online retrieval business, mainframe and PC software products. She subsequently became Vice President, OEM Sales for The Software Group and was responsible for marketing their signature PC software products. Recruited into the placement industry in the mid-80′s, she founded Phoenix Partners in 1989.

Ms. Durkin’s technical training and extensive experience in product and service marketing in the information industry have made her background an important asset in recruiting IT and other highly-talented technical professionals.

Ms. Durkin has been a long-standing member of NPAworldwide, a global network of 500 independent recruiting firms, and served on NPA’s Board of Directors as Regional Director and as Chair of the System Committee.  She was awarded NPA’s Chairman’s Award in April of 2010. On the personal side, her own business style has become the trademark of Phoenix Partners: honest, knowledgeable, customer-focused, famous for follow-through and building long-term relationships.


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