Here’s what others have to say about Phoenix Partners:

“Phoenix is always able to present excellent people – high quality, professional. They target only my needs… in 5 years they have never NOT produced a candidate.”
-20-year IT Director, Pharmaceutical Firm

“This can be a used car business, so Phoenix Partner’s honesty is valuable and unusual!”
-Project Manager

“Phoenix did all the work…when I walked in for my interview, they knew me, it was comfortable and they already had a high regard for me because of Kay’s reputation. Phoenix told me exactly what to expect at the interview, negotiated the best salary AND it was all free.”
-Senior Programmer/Analyst

“The best thing I can say about Phoenix Partners is that they NEVER WASTE MY TIME. In this business you get hounded by recruiters promising you more than is actually there.”
-Contract Consultant

“They have never sent me a person I didn’t hire.”
-IT Director, Manufacturing Firm

“Over the years, Phoenix has sent me on 5 interviews and I’ve gotten 5 jobs. I’ve got a winner…so this is the one (firm) I stick with.”
-Systems Engineer

Other satisfied customers say:

“How can anyone NOT like Kay Durkin – she’s professional, ethical, personable and took the time to really get to know me and what I wanted in a new job.”

“Phoenix was the first firm to treat me like a professional.”

“Phoenix has taken the time to understand my needs and they accurately represent the skill sets of their candidates…something most recruiters don’t do well.”

“It was apparent at the interview that the company had a high regard for Kay Durkin’s firm, so they already had a high regard for me!”

“I’ve spent over twenty years as an IT professional…I’d rank Phoenix Partners as one of the TOP THREE recruiting firms I’ve dealt with.”

“When I post a job, 90% of the headhunters will send me a body regardless of their qualifications. Kay Durkin will not send me someone if she doesn’t have anyone who matches EXACTLY what I need…she never inflates credentials just to get a body.”

“When I give Phoenix Partners a job requirement, they don’t come back to me unless they have met and exceeded those requirements.”


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