The Benefits of Working with Recruiters

December 13th, 2018 by ifi-admin

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Getting ready for the holiday season may feel like a rush, but the imminent time off also offers the opportunity to reflect upon, review and renew your professional outlook. If you’re not looking forward to the start of a new year in your current position, there’s no time like the present to begin the search for a more fulfilling position in 2019.

The New Year promises to bring a continued candidates’ market in technology, making 2019 an ideal time to leverage your experience to take the next step on your professional journey. Searching for that perfect fit, however, can be very time consuming. Working with a recruiter can make better use of your time, and produce better results. Having someone in your court makes the process less daunting.

Five Reasons To Work With A Recruiter

1. Longevity – Independent Recruiters have built their businesses by establishing relationships with both clients and candidates over time. This means they’re well positioned to evaluate the fit between a candidate and a prospective employer. They understand the nuances of the corporate culture of the employer company, and can help you fast-track your familiarity with the companies you’re considering working with. Also, when you work with a recruiter, your information is kept on file for future open positions. Your effort is optimized, and will last throughout your career.

2. Expanded Network – Independent Recruiters don’t just sit in front of their computers all day. They spend a lot of time and money understanding the recruitment market, networking, and connecting with other recruiters. Furthermore, Phoenix Partners belongs to a global network of recruiters called NPAWorldwide and through this network has access to a database of open positions throughout the world. When you work with an NPAWorldwide member such as Phoenix Partners, you actually have hundreds of recruiters working on your behalf and you have access to their employer networks. It is far more powerful to have received a recommendation for an interview from a well respected recruiter than to have been selected from a pool of unqualified candidates..

3. Technology – A successful recruiter is expert at using technology to filter vast amounts of data, because their livelihoods depend on efficiently matching candidates with jobs. This technical facility helps ensure that their candidates don’t waste time applying for positions that would not be a fit, and gives candidates an advantage in learning about positions that will be opening up. A recruiter helps focus your job search toward matches that have a higher likelihood of success, navigating open positions quickly and efficiently.

4. Flexible Hours – Independent recruiters don’t typically keep bankers hours. They work across multiple time zones, and when candidates are able to talk. Surveys show that exceptional candidates prefer to engage after hours because they are too busy at work. If you’re busy during work hours, there’s a good chance you don’t have the time to conduct laborious searches for open positions. Your recruiter does it for you.

5. Advocate – Independent recruiters are an invaluable resource for coaching you through the application and interview process. They are your advocate when you need them most. While they’re staking their livelihood on your success, a good recruiter is not in the business for a single placement. They’re focused on the long game. The success of an independent recruiter’s business relies on long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with candidates and employers. It is the foundation of their work.

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