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May 7th, 2018 by ifi-admin

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Did you know that Phoenix Partners can help you find employment anywhere in the world?

Maybe you’ve always wanted to work abroad, but didn’t know where to start. Or maybe you’re ready to move closer to family, who live across the country or somewhere around the world. Maybe you’re just ready for an adventure. With Phoenix Partners, the world is your oyster!

While there are myriad benefits to working with an Independent Recruiter in general, and Phoenix Partners specifically, one advantage that jobseekers often overlook is global reach.

Phoenix Partners is a long-time member of one of the oldest split-fee Recruiter organizations in the world: NPAworldwide. The organization boasts more than 500 member firms in every continent, and at any given time has access to more than 1400 specialized and high-level positions available in its shared recruiter database. Members network with each other and work within their trade groups to help each other find the perfect job for candidates and candidates for employers. (Omitted sentence.) There is simply no better way to extend your reach if you’re looking for a new position in another geographic location, nationally or internationally, than working with an NPAworldwide recruiter.

Phoenix Partners founder Kay Durkin has contributed greatly to the association over the years, serving as a member of its executive Board and lending guidance to its emergence as the world’s premier recruiting association.

At a recent conference in Tampa, NPAworldwide members met to discuss best practices and how to leverage the latest tools to ensure highly talented candidates are matched within meaningful corporate cultures. During the conference, Phoenix Partners was able to network with specialty IT, technical and engineering recruiters from countries such as China, Brazil, Australia, the UK, Continental Europe and more.

“NPAworldwide brings great value not only to my employer clients, but to my candidates as well. I have meaningful partnerships with fellow member recruiters in every corner of the globe. The best part is, their local cultural knowledge helps me assure the right fit and smooth the transition for candidates who are interested in working abroad or in different regions of the Americas,” Durkin said.

Key Benefits of Working with an NPAworldwide Recruiter

  • Through NPAworldwide, Phoenix Partners connects with a larger pool of employers, as well as their own robust list of contacts.
  • Through NPAworldwide, Phoenix Partners can help you find a role with specialty focus to create the best possible collection of opportunities for potential placement worldwide.
  • Through NPAworldwide, member partners possess a similar level of expertise in matching candidates and employers. NPAworldwide members are professionals with track records of low turnovers. They’re vetted to a high standard.
  • Through NPAworldwide, Phoenix Partners offers localized support and relocation guidance in order to make your move abroad, or to another region, as smooth as possible.

Are you interested searching worldwide for the right career move? Talk to Phoenix Partners today.

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