Data Services Engineer – Pottstown, PA


A growing company that designs sophisticated data management, intelligence analysis and data-sharing software is looking for an experienced and highly skilled Data Services Engineer to join their Data Services team at company headquarters in suburban Philadelphia.

Data Services team members are essentially “Special Forces” developers on the front line of cutting-edge big-data technologies, including data virtualization, data aggregation, and analytics. Data Services team members are brought in to design and develop critical data integration projects, including C# interfaces between systems, query mappings for real-time data-sharing, and batch-load data conversions. Data Services team members are also called upon to act as critical resources during the design and development of various databases, testing of front-end applications, and other exciting projects. The efforts of Data Services team members include, but are not limited to:

• Development of interfaces enabling communication between various systems
• Development of query mappings, using a proprietary technology, to enable real-time data sharing
• Development and maintenance of ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) solutions for data-sharing projects
• Participation in research and development efforts as needed (database design, systems workflow, etc).

The candidate must be highly self-motivated and able to work independently in a fast-paced, AGILE-type environment. The environment is highly integrated, exciting, and team-oriented. Data Services team members work closely with project managers, quality assurance, and developers who form tightly-knit Projected-Oriented groups. The work is challenging, stimulating and rewarding.

Desired Skills and Experience
• C# experience is highly preferred, but some level of on-the-job training is also possible
• Advanced knowledge of relational databases, including proficiency with SQL (including Oracle and MS SQL Server)
• Prior data conversion/ETL experience
• Experience working with multiple databases (Oracle, MS SQL, My SQL, Advantage, etc.)
• Excellent problem solving skills (specific success in scenarios with little available reference material is desirable)
• Ability to work in a team environment
• Ability to work independently, self-manage, and push projects to completion

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