Jobseeker Tips: Six Simple Steps to Smashing Your Next Interview

September 18th, 2017 by ifi-admin

One benefit of working with Phoenix Partners is our worldwide network of recruiting partners through NPAWorldwide. This network not only enables us to help candidates who seek to relocate to different states or countries, it also enables us to share excellent resources to support our candidates with career advice.

We think fellow recruiter Jason Elias from Elias Recruitment in Australia succinctly summarized our six top tidbits of interviewing advice. Are you ready?

1. Be prepared!

Study the job description and be ready to answer questions relating to the inclusions, and how your skills and experience fit the job brief. Get to know the company you are interviewing with by researching their firm including the website (values, mission statement, blogs, etc.), news articles or publication features, check their social media platforms, and familiarise yourself with any organizations they support or compete with. Glassdoor is a great resource.

2. Know who you will be meeting

Do a LinkedIn profile search for each of the interviewers and get to know a little more about their work history, connections, published posts and skills. It is almost guaranteed that they will have looked at your profile before you are called for an interview. Do they have a profile on the company website?

3. Be on time, or better still… early!

Arriving early to your interview further shows your interest and commitment to the role. As a rule, you should aim to arrive 10 – 15 minutes before your interview.This will also give you additional time to fill in any necessary paperwork (if applicable), get more comfortable with the environment, and gain a brief insight into how the office works.

4. Remember that nonverbal communication is critical

First impressions count. When you arrive at an interview, the first thing that will be noticed is how you are presented (clothing, posture, facial expression and body language).

Ensure that you are dressed appropriately for the role you are applying for and that your body language is open and confident.

5. Know your résumé inside out

There is nothing worse in an interview than having a candidate who looks great on paper, has a well-written résumé, but can’t explain their experience or answer questions about skills that they have listed.

6. Prepare answers to common questions

A lot of anxiety before attending an interview can be relieved by preparation. Practice your responses to the most common interview questions (eg. “Tell Me About Yourself” or explaining gaps in your résumé). Be prepared with 1-2 questions that you would like to know about the role, the firm, or the people you will be working with.

If you feel ready to start interviewing for a new position, Contact Phoenix Partners to get started on your job search!

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