How to Meet the Challenge of Global Recruiting

February 5th, 2018 by ifi-admin

In today’s global economy where many larger companies have facilities outside the United States, recruiting in a foreign culture to fill positions at these locations can be a challenge. Working with a company like Phoenix Partners which has international resources can facilitate the recruiting process.

What’s At Stake

According to the American Enterprise Institute, thinking globally is essential for survival in the current business climate. In an analysis of the World Investment Report, economic professor Mark Perry wrote that many of our largest US-based multi-national companies (MNCs) have close to two-thirds of their total sales outside the US. Almost all of these MNCs have more than half of their workforces outside the US, and some employ nearly 75% of their workers overseas. Many of the US MNCs above have more than half of their corporate assets (property, plant and equipment) located outside the US.

How Phoenix Partners Can Help Find International Talent:

Whatever your company’s international mix, clear communication and insight into the local work culture is imperative for successful international recruiting. What you may not know is that you already have the means for effective global recruitment within your reach.

Phoenix Partners has been a member of global recruiting network NPAWorldwide for decades, and knows exactly what it takes to win the global talent war. For example, the company recently made a successful placement for a client headquartered in Pennsylvania that needed an ERP Specialist position filled at their facility in Beijing.

How did an English-speaking recruiting firm that normally focuses on technical talent in the Delaware Valley accomplish this?

The answer lies in the power of partnership in NPAWorldwide.

How NPAWorldwide Works:

NPAWorldwide is an exclusive association of 500 partner Independent Recruiter firms around the world with a longstanding record of successful placements in all industries and occupations. To be eligible for membership, an Independent Recruiting firm must possess a proven track record and demonstrate trust, reliability and integrity. The association hosts numerous international events to support the network of some 1400 individual members, and operates a private exchange where these members can help each other find the perfect candidate in any country.

Using state-of-the-art technology that links Recruiters together in what you might call a global intranet, together with personal connections made during conferences, Kay Durkin was able to team up with an excellent recruiter in Beijing to help her local company find a qualified candidate there. For her client in the U.S., the process was seamless, and no different than a local placement.

Teamwork improves the global recruitment process and increases the likelihood of a good cultural fit between American operations and departments abroad.

Do you have an international placement that you need help to fill? Put the power of a global recruiting network to work by engaging with Phoenix Partners.

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